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Upkeep That will help prevent corrosion • When cleansing underneath the vehicle, Preserve paint and trim in very good condition give certain awareness into the compo- You can help prevent corrosion from get- Scratches or chips during the finish really should be nents underneath the fenders and also other ting began by observing the following: included with "contact-up"...

Then double-Examine each nut for tightness. Immediately after altering wheels, have a licensed HYUNDAI seller restricted- en the wheel nuts for their good torque at the earliest opportunity. Wheel nut tightening torque: Steel wheel &...

Driving your vehicle For Safe and sound all-wheel generate operation WARNING Four-wheel driving The circumstances of on-highway or off- road that demand from customers 4-wheel travel signify all functions of your automobile are exposed to extreme anxiety than less than regular street disorders. Decelerate and become ready for changes within the composition and traction with the floor below your tires.

Capabilities Of your respective HYUNDAI three. To return the seatback to its normal place, pull the seatback folding lever and reverse the above procedure. WARNING: o When you come back the rear seatback to its o When you return the seatback to its upright...

Air luggage inflate with con- make sure you Make contact with Hyundai the car or truck. siderable pressure and within the blink of Customer Assistance Centre at 1- • You and your travellers really should an eye.

"Your site did more than look for a great mechanic! The repair price estimates and search engine results made my activity a breeze"-Kelli

In case your car has long been managing hotter than normal, you'll have a sluggish leak, as there continues to be sufficient coolant within the program to help keep the engine great plenty of to work.

Capabilities of your respective vehicle TAILGATE ✽ ✽ Observe In chilly and damp climates, door lock and door mechanisms might not function right- ly because of freezing ailments. WARNING The tailgate swings upward. Ensure no objects or men and women are near the rear on the automobile when open up- ing the Read Full Article tailgate.

HYUNDAI suggests that consumers vapor lock or tough setting up. To help add to cleaner air, do not use fuel with the ethanol written content HYUNDAI recommends that you simply use exceeding ten percent. gasolines addressed with detergent addi- Warning tives, which assist protect against deposit forma-...

Capabilities of the motor vehicle Distant KEYLESS ENTRY Unlock (two) Alarm (3) Driver's doorway is unlocked if the unlock The horn Seems and hazard warning button is pressed when. The hazard lights flash for about thirty seconds if this warning lights will blink two times to point button is pressed.

New motor oil may be yellowish, but when it’s been inside your motor for a while it can possible be dim brown and even black.

Keep away from using the method included and straight away Usually do not use a screwdriver or any consult with a certified HYUNDAI dealer. other metallic object to remove fuses because it might cause a short circuit 4 styles of fuse are applied: blade kind, and harm the method.

Attributes of your respective auto Using a cellular mobile phone or even a two-way Treatment of discs • Hold CDs of their instances after use to radio secure them from scratches or Dust. • In case the temperature Within the auto is Any time a cellular cellphone is applied In the •...

The sunroof will slide open automatically open up all the way. To halt the sunroof sliding at any point, pull or drive the sunroof Management lever momentarily.

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